Panoramic Photograph Stitching with Matlab

If you got access to an Matlab installation, you can also try to stitch a panorama yourself. At  Cris’s Image Analysis Blog I found a nice tutorial to do just that.  For two steps he is using his DIPimage toolbox, but you can also use Matlab’s Image Processing Toolbox.





for more on Matlab look at my post:How to create good and fast Matlab code


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Automatic Image Stitching for the iPhone

AutoStitch iPhone (2€) is a fully automatic image stitcher for the iPhone. This application allows you to create wide-angle views and panoramas with any arrangment of photos. As David Lowe is on the team, they presumably use SIFT Keypoints. Some time ago I used their Autostich for Win32 application and I was quite impressed. Nevertheless sometimes the software produced bad stitches when there was too much overlapp. I got cleaner results, when I removed one photograph.

via Computer Vision Central