Collaboration graph of master thesis created with collabgraphWho is collaborating?

Collabgraph is a web service that allows you to convert your bibliography, your collection of literature references, and turn in into a fancy graph, showing who is collaborating with whom.

Collabgraph connects with your Mendeley library or any bibtex file you give it and draws a weighted co-authorship graph in which all the nodes are authors and the edges represent that the two authors have collaborated (or at least wrote a paper together).

On the right is the graph created by from the references used in my diploma thesis.  You can immediately see what central role Eakins, Meier and Flickner played.

The source code of Collabgraph’s core is available at github. You can download it and create graphs on your own machine using your Mendeley account or a bibtex file. Try it, it is really simple python code.

I am looking forward to your feedback!

Collabgraph made it into the Top 10 of Mendeley’s Binary Battle!
Thanks to anybody who voted for me!

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