Panoramic Photograph Stitching with Matlab

If you got access to an Matlab installation, you can also try to stitch a panorama yourself. At  Cris’s Image Analysis Blog I found a nice tutorial to do just that.  For two steps he is using his DIPimage toolbox, but you can also use Matlab’s Image Processing Toolbox.





for more on Matlab look at my post:How to create good and fast Matlab code


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5 thoughts on “Panoramic Photograph Stitching with Matlab

  1. this is something which i have been trying for the past 2 months.. i think this is a good job done…… can i have the code for this? or can i please know the method which you have used?

  2. the DIPimage toolbox is not running in MATLAB 2015a which i am currently using. is there any alternative code for creating panoramic view of images. urgently needed. please help me out here.

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