Open problem photo management

When I got a new Mac and with it the latest photo management system iPhoto from them, I thought that this will convince me that photo management is a nearly solved problem. Boy, was I wrong in thinking that!!! Far from it — apart from some ‘apple experience’ I am disappointed in the system. […]  It appears that most photo systems feel that if they can do nice slide show and help publish photos in different forms, their job is done. These systems ignore that now people literally shoot anything that they find mildly interesting. …

Like Prof. Jain I bought a Mac with Iphoto09 and was a little bit disappointed. The geotagging work flow is kind of awkward if you have to tag the photos by hand and after the euphoria the face detection is is in the end more useful as a party gag, as it is to cumbersome to find all the faces he missed and label them per hand.

And we are not even talking about automatic event detection or clustering of near duplicates.

via Ramesh Jain’s Blog » Photo Management remains an open problem.


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